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Printing via Mac OS X

You can print documents via your MacBook in the RRZK. You have only to add the appropriate printer in the system settings. Follow the instructions:

  1. Open the system preferences and select "Drucken & Scannen".
  2. Choose "+".

3. Click in the new-open window with a right click on the free area beside "Windows" and choose "Symbolleiste anpassen".

4. Pull the symbol "Erweitert" in the icon bar.

5.) Confirm afterwards with "Fertig" 



 6. Click now on the symbol "Erweitert" and fill in the following in the fields:

  • With type you select „Windows printer via spoolss“.
  • Under the point "Gerät" select „anderes Gerät“.
  • In the field "URL:" enter teh address smb://

    • For the place holder "druckerXY" you give the suitable printer. The available printers are in the schedule at the end of the page.    

  • In the bottom drop-down menu "Verwenden" select (depending on the OS X version) either „Allgemeiner Post-Script Drucker“ or an appropriate driver. The suitable driver can usually be downloaded from the manufacturer of the printer, and then installed.

  • Name the printer, give the location if necessary and click on"Hinzufügen".

    Please pay attention to capitalisation and use of small letters!

7. Confirm the following announcement with "OK" ( in the example we used  the fictional printer "HPLaser2").

Now, the printer is furnished successfully.

If you want to print a document, you are asked for your Account-name and the passwort. Insert the data of your student's account or personnel account. 

Table of existing printer

Printer-Name   Printer-VersionLocation
rrzk-digitexx1KonicaMinolta bizhubC364   RRZK, Weyertal 121, ground floor, room 011
rrzk-digitexx2KonicaMinolta bizhubC364   RRZK, Weyertal 121,  ground floor, room 011
usb-digitexx1KonicaMinolta bizhubC364   University- and City- Library, Universitätsstr. 33, 2. top floor
usb-digitexx2KonicaMinolta bizhubC364   University- and City- Library, Universitätsstr. 33, 2. top floor



If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk