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Setting up VPN on Mac OS

In Mac OS, a VPN client is integrated. Align yourself a VPN access by using a profile file. If you use an older version of Mac OS, you must install the VPN Client manually



VPN-set up with a profil-file

1. Download the Mac OS VPN configuration-profil.

2. Click on "Continue" to start the installation. 

3. You will be asked for the login data of your account (student, employee or guest account).



3.1 If you work with different user profiles, you may be prompted for the administrator ID of your computer. 



4. We recommend the establishment of a link with the VPN client on the menu bar:

  1. Open your system preferences and select under "Network", the VPN connection.
  2. Put the checkmark in "show VPN status in menu bar".
  3. The icon can build VPN connections and disconnect it again.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk