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Software installed on CHEOPS

CHEOPS runs user jobs by the batch system SLURM. You can build your own application by development software provided. With an already installed application software you can start your jobs right away.

Development software

  • GNU, Intel, PGI Compilers
  • Intel MKL, TBB
  • Intel MPI, Open MPI
  • Intel Advisor, Inspector, VTune, Trace Analyzer and Collector
  • Allinea DDT
  • Vampir

More information: CHEOPS Brief Instructions (PDF, 1,3 MB)

Application software

  • Gaussian
  • Turbomole
  • Gromacs
  • Scilab
  • R Language for Statistical Computing
  • NAG Numerical Library
  • RAxML
  • Mr Bayes
  • PhyloBayes-MPI

More information: CHEOPS Application Software (PDF, 3,3 MB)

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk