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eduroam Wi-Fi access in Windows

Please use the eduroam installer to configure eduroam Wi-Fi in Windows.

Make sure that you add"@" (for example "”) to your username when prompted for your username throughout the installation. If you enter your username in this form, you will automatically receive access to the eduroam Wi-Fi at other higher education institutions.

Download eduroam Installer Windows 10 (531 kB)

Download eduroam Installer Windows 8 (531 kB)

Download eduroam Installer Windows 7 (532 kB)

Download eduroam Installer Windows Vista (532 kB)

We recommend that your restart your computer after installation. In case of problems, please refer to the requirements for using Wi-Fi at the University.

After logging in you will be prompted for the type of network location, so that Windows Firewall can be configured appropriately. Select "Public network" and then click "Close".

Using Wi-Fi after configuration

After you have configured Wi-Fi and if you are in range of a wireless network at the University of Cologne, you will be connected automatically as your password is stored when you connect for the first time. If you change the password for your account, you must enter the new password before you can connect.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk