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Info screens with Appspace

Appspace is used for managing messages and content on info screens. It can be used to display content on screens at certain intervals and also hide or remove content which is not currently relevant. The graphical interface makes it simple to add content.

You can prepare content separately such as an announcement for an upcoming lecture and control whether the announcement is displayed on specific screens. It is easy to prepare new announcements, upload them to appspace and choose when they are published – the system does the rest.


  • Store data locally – no unauthorized access
  • Supports time-sensitive content
  • Info screens can display the same or different content without extra configuration
  • Supports widgets (date and time, weather and many others) for customizing information
  • Displays dynamic content and websites
  • Appspace software is free for institutes at the University of Cologne
  • Co-operation with other institutes by connecting to specific devices
  • Documentation and support from the RRZK

How it works

Upload your content (for example in PNG format) to appspace. This ensures that your content is displayed consistently on your info screens and saves storage space. Your data is stored locally and securely in the cloud and cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties. At the same time, staff or institutes can display content on specific devices. By assigning roles (write permissions) to other users, you can publish content to screens at other locations (such as the SSC).

Appspace can display the following file formats:

  • *.PNG
  • *.HTML
  • *.JPG/*.JPEG
  • streaming
  • and many more

Technical requirements

These costs must be covered by your institute:
To use appspace you will need a commercially available television screen (full HD, HDMI connection, wide viewing angle and well-lit) and a Cisco Edge 300 device. After installation, you can send content to the device from any computer – you only need to log in.

Please contact us for more information:

Contact RRZK webmaster

More information

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk