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Transferring ownership of employee accounts

As a rule, all accounts are held by individuals. If functions are carried out by staff who are likely to change, please use mailing lists or collaborative platforms (for example SOFS or BSCW) so that the function can be continued if a member of staff leaves the university. In exceptional cases, an employee account may be transferred to another person after its owner has left the university. Please complete the Application for transferring ownership of an employee account (in German) (PDF, 100 kB).

Please note:

  • The existing owner must agree to the transfer under item 7.
  • Please attach a written request stating the exceptional reasons for transferring ownership of the account.
  • University accounts with individual names (for example: mmuelller) cannot be transferred.
  • Account names cannot be changed after they are created (however you can set up an e-mail alias if you need to)

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk