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Grant Read Rights

1.  Establish a network drive connection to the area you want to administrate.

2. Open "Security" from the context menu "Features" of the desired folder.

3. You reach the screen for selecting the users by clicking "Edit"-> "Add" (figure 1).

4. Choose the persons whom you want to grant read rights (figure 2).

5. You reach the screen for selecting users by clicking "Edit"-> "Add".

6. Choose the persons, or the group of persons, whom you want to grant read rights:

  • Make sure that the search path is shown as Is the name of the path or, the assignment of rights is not possible, as individuals or groups can not be found. In this case, establish a VPN-connection before you make a network drive connection.



7. Exit the drop-down menu with “OK”.

8. Exit the authorization-window with “OK”.

Grant Writing permission

  • Set a checkmark in the writing-area (additionally to the read rights).

Grant Administrative Rights

  • Activate all checkmarks in order to grant administrative access.

Cancel Access Rights

You repeal access rights by removing persons from the "security" card. 

  • Click "edit" to reach the area where you can remove persons or groups of persons.
  • Tag the persons or the group of persons you want to remove and click on "remove".
  • Leave the window with "OK".

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk