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Video Conferences

Video conferences are virtual meetings among distant partners. Video conferences have a number of advantages:

  • Reduced cost and time saved for meetings
  • Cost saving when guest speakers are invited
  • Several specialists at different locations can take part in a meeting
  • Regular meetings are made possible at shorter intervals
  • Reduction of carbon footprint.


The RRZK currently has three video conference systems, two of which are HD systems (High Definition). Here the transmission takes place in H.264 standard with a pixel resolution of 1280x720. It´s possible to use these systems on campus as a mobile device. The RRZK can support video conference meetings with technical equipment and professional know how. Furthermore, a conference room for maximally 10 persons can be provided.

Possible range of application

  • Project work/project management/meetings (for example for EU projects with partners distributed regionally)
  • Workshops
  • Connection with distant guest speakers during conferences and seminars  
  • Assistance for external students about to take their degree/doctoral candidates
  • Interviews
  • (Tele)tests

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