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Operating rules for publications on the RRZK web server

Preliminary Remarks

The legal situation regarding responsibilities for the communicational contents that are stored or transferred via electronical data networks, are not completely clear at the current moment. You should assume, nevertheless, that the RRZK, as the operator of the web servers, is responsible for securing the servers and preventing them from being misused through appropriate measures and regulations. Only registered members who are required to follow the regulations of the RRZK will receive the permission to publish something on the web servers.

Object and distribution of publications

Publications are HTML-texts on a web server including links to other web elements (for example text-, picture-, sound-, or movie-files).

The publications on the RRZK's web server are supposed to serve the internal and external spreading of information about institutions and services at the University of Cologne. They should support teaching, research and the administration at the university.

Publications of private nature are only allowed if their content is related to matters of the university (Studies, teaching, research, institutions of the university).

Publications on a commercial basis are not acceptable.

The RRZK can permit publications of external institutions, if the DFN agrees and if it is within the framework of research transfer or for the support of public institutions.

Conformity to law of publications and liability

Published contents underlie (similar to publications in print media) the respective national and international laws. For example penal laws, copyright laws, competition laws, and terms of privacy policies.

Whoever saved links to publications or induced savings of publications is responsible and liable for the content of these publications.

Recognition of common internet etiquette

Beyond the commitment to obey official laws, we ask you to regard the commonly known etiquette of "good manners" for web publications .

Economic use of the working resources

Regarding the storage and transfer of publications, we ask you to regard regulations of economical use. Especially for publications which require a lot of storage space and/or cause high net load you should consider an appropriate proportion between costs and benefits.

Consequences of disregard

Publications which violate the above mentioned rules can be deleted by the RRZK without any further notification. Furthermore, the RRZK reserves itself the right to exclude the responsible users from any further usage and, if necessary, claim for compensation and/or recourse.

Announcement of rules

These rules (and other rules of the RRZK) will be displayed in all computer labs of the university and will be published on the internet.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk