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Uploading web sites

Web sites that are not based on a content management system (TYPO3) have to be uploaded to the RRZK server for web projects. The upload from a local hard drive to the AFS disk area can be done with a SFTP- or SCP-Client, for example:

  • WinSCP (Freeware)
  • Filezilla (Freeware)
  • Dreamweaver (with costs)

The exact path to your own web site ist available in the system for writing permission allocation.

Upload/Download with SSH

The parameter settings are similar for all SSH-enabled programs:

Remote Host/
User ID/Anmeldung/Accountuser name for server account
Access modeSFTP, SCP oder SSH
Remote Directory/Host FolderMain web server: /vol/info/www/docs/...
Web project server: /vol/www/projekt/...
Local Directory/Local FolderDirectory (on the local PC) in which the web sites are stored

For advanced users: Uploading via network drive and AFS client

For daily or very frequent uploads, web sites can be uploaded "directly" with an AFS client. In this case no local copy will be stored on your computer. Alternatively, a file can be copied to a folder via AFS client.

Before an editor can be configurated for uploading/downloading, the AFS client has to be installed and configurated for Windows. The directory of the web site will receive a windows-drive-letter. This drive is regarded a local network drive by the editor. The information about a remote host/ server can be omitted as well as the registration with an account.

More: Instruction for installing an AFS client for your running system

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk