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Stellen Sie bis zum 14. März Ihr eduroam-WLAN um!

eduroam: Wi-Fi at the University of Cologne

Student on campus - photo: Josa Jungnickel

Students and employees at the University of Cologne can connect to the university network (UKLAN) via Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi network access points cover a large part of the university campus.

Through eduroam, you can access Wi-Fi at University A using your University B account if both universities are members of the roaming programme.

All (international) eduroam members.

Configuring Wi-Fi at the University

We recommend using the eduroam Wi-Fi network as the connection is encrypted.

Configuring eduroam Wi-Fi

The UniKoeln-Web Wi-Fi network should only be used as a fall back if access via the encrypted network is not available. Apart from the login page, traffic on this network is not encrypted and can be easily intercepted by third parties. No installation is necessary and the configuration is simple.

Configuring UniKoeln-WEB

Username for eduroam

The username is always the same as the username for the University of Cologne account (Student or staff account) +"", for example "". Students must also add "". This is not an e-mail address and it is not possible to use alias names to log on ( is not a valid username). 

Troubleshooting / FAQs

  • FAQs for the topic "Wi-Fi"

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk