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Admission requirements for publications on RRZK web servers

Institutions of the University of Cologne

Institutions of the university are all institutes, seminars, commissions, administrative positions, and other facilities that are listed in the schedule of lectures of the University of Cologne. To these belong also student councils and those student organizations which are listed in the student register with a matriculation number. For information about the matriculation number of a student organization please call Frau Mortag (Tel. (0221) 470-2442), department 11 of the university administration.

Publishing websites is free for those institutions.
You don't need to file a formal application. It is only necessary to have a usage permission for the central servers of the RRZK (employee- or student account) which can be requested at the helpdesk of the RRZK. The RRZK or the respective person in charge for the web will set up and provide some space on the RRZK servers where a website can be published.

Other facilities

Facilities that do not count as one of the above mentioned institutions, like fraternities, political university groups, newspaper desks, federal institutes, cultural institutes, can also file an application for publishing websites on the RRZK servers. Please file the application to the head of the RRZK and explain in your application:

  • how your institution is financed or if it is borne by voluntary work without payment,
  • what should be published on the internet,
  • to what extent websites should be provided, if it is more than 200MB,
  • what persons or institutions of the University of Cologne would benefit from or be interested in your published website,
  • why you don't want to use a commercial internet provider for that purpose.

The rectorate of the university will decicde on the application in the first instance. The RRZK reserves the right the to charge an annual fee for the usage of RRZK servers for publishing websites.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk