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RSS-Feed of the RRZK

The RSS-offer of the RRZK provides you with the latest news. In flush form, you get the most important announcements in seconds.

What is a RSS-Feed?

The RRZK's RSS-Feed is a direct link between the data center and subscribers of the RSS-Feed. If the RRZK publishes a new message, it is immediately sent and received via the same link.

You can read an RSS-Feed using Internet browsers, such as Mozilla, Safari, Opera, Chrome or Internet Explorer. So called RSS-Readers are preinstalled in standard browsers. You have the option of simply anchoring the RSS-Feed as a bookmark and opening it up as you wish to see the latest news..

Another way to get and read RSS-Feeds is to connect them to your E-Mail program. With just a few clicks, a subscription can be completed through the options in the popular programs. In most cases, only the URL of the RSS-Feed has to be entered.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk