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Calender synchronization with Android and F-Droid / DAVDroid

The free app DAVDroid synchronizes the Webmail system with your Android device. DAVDroid is available free of charge from the alternative App Store F-Droid. In the Google Play Store the app is subject to a fee.

Installation of F-Droid and DAVDroid

  1. Open the F-Droid Website with the browser of your Android device and download the F-Droid App. Enable the installation of apps from locations other than the Google Play Store.
  2. Install the App F-Droid.
  3. Search for DAVDroid in the App.
  4. Install the App DAVDroid.

5. Open the App DAVDroid and click on the symbol with key and the plus sign above on the right side.  


6. Select „Log in with URL and username“ in the new window and confirm with „Next.“


7. Fill in the fields:

  • Basis-URL: „“
  • Note: Make sure that „https“ is selected in the list box.
  • Username: Your student or employee account
  • Password: the corresponding password

Confirm with „Next“.

8. If you wish to synchronize to-do lists with your Webmail account, download an additional third-party app.

9. Finally, you can choose the calendars that you wish to synchronize with your device. Beside your calendars, you can also synchronize your contacts (address books). Confirm your selection. After finishing the synchronization, you will find your events in the calendar app.


If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk