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The RRZK provides Rocket.Chat as a University-wide service for all employees with an employee account.

Rocket.Chat is a chat platform via which individuals and teams can exchange messages.

The server runs on the UoC’s local infrastructure (not in the cloud or abroad). Its operation has been approved both by the Data Protection Officer and the staff councils.

Functions and application scenarios

  • Substitute for face-to-face communication
  • Chat and exchange possible with all registered university employees
  • Own, separate channels (e.g. for institutes, working groups, departments, etc.)
  • Exchange of messages, files, images, voice messages and short video calls
  • Browser app, desktop client (Windows, Mac, Linux) and mobile App (Android, iOS) Hint: For Windows, download the MSI- or EXE-file, for macOS use the DMG-file. For Android or iOS visit the Play Store or App Store!

Using a desktop or mobile client

We recommend installing a client on your PC or smartphone to use Rocket.Chat. This makes working with Rocket.Chat far easier than if you use Rocket.Chat in your browser.

To install a Rocket.Chat client, follow the instructions on the pages below:

  • Client Installation on a PC (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Client Installation on a mobile device (smartphone/tablet)

Please also note the special instructions for staff in University Administration about not using Rocket.Chat via a Citrix browser session.

Brief information for experienced users:

Servername for registration and client:

Client download:

Current versions (especially for Mac users) always at:

Log-in with employee account and password


Information about employee accounts

As a rule, a employee account is set up for each employee when he/she starts work and details are sent to him/her. If you experience problems or have any difficulties with your account, please contact:

Information for all users in Administration

Please ensure that you use alocal browser (or alternatively the desktop or mobile app) to use Rocket.Chat and not the browser on a Citrix server.

Browser sessions on Citrix servers otherwise use up too many resources and Administration IT reserves the right in cases of doubt to terminate sessions without further ado in order to safeguard stability. Rocket.Chat does not require a Citrix connection but instead can be used with local programs. Please switch to this type of use immediately if you have not already done so.

Our colleagues Marlene Thomas and Christine Jakovlev in University Administration have also written a manual that you can download here as a PDF.

Further information and instructions

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk