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Forwarding e-mails

There are a few things to consider when you want to forward your e-mails from your webmail account to another account:

  • The forwarding will be automatically for all mail aliases, for example and

  • You can keep a copy of every forwarded e-mail in your webmail inbox.

  • Usually, e-mails can only be forwarded to one address. If you wish to forwrds your e-mails to more than one address you need to use Smartsieve.

  • Warning: Forwarding will end automatically when your account is deleted.

Forwarding with the mail portal

You can turn on and off the forwarding of e-mails via the menu item "Mail-Weiterleitung". If you want to set your e-mail account to forwarding, you have to login with that account name you are using.

If you want to change settings for your account, like changing the address your e-mails are forwarded to or turning off the option of forwarding, you have to go back to the menu item "Mail-Weiterleitung".
There, you can either "deactivate" or "delete" the forwarding. If you deactivate it, you keep the possibility to reactivate your forwarding later on.

Please make sure your forwarding is working. If your e-mails are forwarded to a wrong e-mail address, you might miss important e-mails!

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk