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Automatic Out-of-Office Notification

If you cannot answer or check your e-mails during a certain period of time, you can send an automatic out-of-office notification to the sender of  incoming e-mails.

However, you should think about not sending this notification to all senders of incoming e-mails:

  • You might not want to send an automatic response e-mail to persons who send you a lot of e-mails on a regular basis. It will be enough to to send a notification every once in a while. The preset time in the mail portal is seven days.

  • If you receive e-mails through a mailing list, not all members of that list should get a notification. Since you only have the name of the mailing list in your to- or cc- address field and not your own, you can solve the problem by adding all your e-mail accounts and aliases to the list of out-of-office notification recipients.

  • User of the mail portal will find their e-mail address and the alias automatically in the address field.

Please remember to delete the out-of-office notification again as soon as you get back to office.

Out-of-office notifications with the mail portal

Both, generating out-of-office notifications as well as changes to the text or turning it off, can be made via the menu item "Abwesenheitsbenachrichtigungen" (Out-of-office notification) in the Mailportal. Please log in with the user account that you want to create a notification for.

Use "Änderung speichern" (Safe changes) to change the text of your notification.

With "Deaktivieren" (deactivation) you can turn off the notification.

Out-of-office notifications for mailing lists

As mentioned above, e-mails that are received via a mailing list cannot be answered automatically by default.

Nevertheless, this can be useful. For example if several employees of an office use a mailing list "administration" and the office is closed for a few days, you can set an out-of-office notification for that list.

Out-of-office notifications for mailing lists can be set with the administrative program for mailing lists: mailman.
In this case, the administrator of the list opens:

Insert the name of the list and select "Automatischer Beantworter" (automatic answering). Then, activate the first option "Soll Mailman eine automatische Antwort an Personen schicken, die eine E-Mail an die Liste schicken ?" (Do you want mailman to send an automatic reply to persons who sent an e-mail to this list?)

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk