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This e-mail service of the University of Cologne offers the possibility to access your e-mails online in your browser. Pay attention that your (operating) software is up to date.

You can log in at this address:

On the logon screen, you can choose between different modes. We recommend to retain the default automatic mode selection. Other modes should only be used if the automatic mode leads to undesired results.  Please note that the modes “Basic” and “Mobile (Minimal)” will be removed from the sytem with the next major update.

Groupware Functions

Besides the usual e-mail functions, Webmail provides:

You can share your calendars, notes, and tasks with other users of the system and work for example in groups with common dates.

Futher Information:

If you want your e-mail messages to appear with a sender’s address along the lines of firstname.lastname@(smail.), please edit the so called identities. To do this, follow the instructions for editing of identities in the webmail system. Please note that you have to register this type of email address first.

Please also see our instructions in case you miss certain e-mail folders or your mailbox is overflowing, but messages can not be deleted.

Video-Anleitungen zum Webmail-System

Hier finden Sie Schritt-für-Schritt-Videos, die beschreiben, wie Sie E-Mails mit Hilfe des Webmail-Systems löschen oder archivieren können.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk