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Validate electronic signature

An electronic signature must be checked for its validity and should exclude the possibility that the document has been manipulated. 

The following points must be checked:

  • Certificate: validity, owner, issuer
  • Time stamp: Time, validity, issuer
  • Document: not modified or damaged

You can do this as follows:

1. Click on the signature in the document and select 'Signature Properties'.


2. Here you can check the following points, among others

  • Certificate owner (full name, e-mail address of the UoC)
  • Signing time
  • Integrity of the document
  • Usage of the timestamp service
  • Validity of the signatory's certificate

To obtain further information on the signatory's certificate, find 'Show Signer's Vertificate...' and click 'Signer Info'.

3. There you can view the following information in the 'Summary' tab:

  • Certificate holder (full name, e-mail address of the UoC, (if applicable) organizational unit, UoC as organization)
  • Issuer: DFN-Verein Global Issuing CA
  • Period of validity of the certificate

4. In the tab 'Revocation' you can check whether the signer's certificate is valid or is listed on a revocation list.


5. For more information concerning the timestamp used, close the 'Certificate Viewer' window and select 'Advanced Properties...' from the Signature Properties window that is still open [Picture1]. There you can display the certificate of the time stamp used ('Show certificate...') [Picture 2]. In the 'Summary' tab [Picture 3] you can check whether 

  • the issuer of the time stamp is DFN-Verein (DFN-Verein Global Issuing CA) and
  • the time stamp is valid.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk