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Security advice

On this page you will find general safety instructions for the use of computers in the network. Generally, you should consider the same aspects when connected to UKLAN, as when using the Internet at home.

Regular Updates

Keep your operating system and applications up to date. Java, Flash Player and media players are frequent targets for viruses and trojans, as they are available on many computers.

The security software company Flexera offers a software inspector for personal use on Windows. It examines whether applications are up to date, offers links to update programs and updates critical applications automatically.

Virus Scanner

Use a virus scanner that scans all files automatically in the background (on-access scanning). Never install multiple antivirus solutions on a single machine as this will impair the operation of each scanner.

We offer employees of the University of Cologne a campus license for Sophos Anti-Virus. For private use, Avira Antivir is freely available.

Regular Backups

To avoid losing important data, make sure that you backup your data regularly to another hard disk or to your network storage area in SoFS or AFS. You can also create a complete image of your data using the TSM clients.

Restricting User Rights

Working with restricted user rights will increase the security of your computer. This means that you should add another account in addition to the administrator account. Current Windows operating systems also have additional user protection, which requires that users confirm certain changes to their systems.

Remove Windows File and Printer Sharing

Folders and printers can be shared for other users on the network in windows. Do not log on to the UKLAN via Wi-Fi or VPN with devices that have folders or printers shared. There is a risk that these shares can be seen by users on the same network and that third parties may access your private data. If you remove the Windows Firewall exception for "File and Print Sharing" you can prevent this from happening.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk