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Client for iOS

Screenshot: QR-Code

iPhone, iPod touch and iPad have integrated clients. Just use this ready-made configuration file for the setup or the QR-Code:

Download configuration file for iPhone and iPod touch (MOBILECONFIG, 2kB)

You can either open this file in the browser of your mobile device, send it to yourself via e-mail and then open it or scan the QR-code.Start the installation via clicking on "Install". Then enter the data of your student or employee account and your password.

Error frame load interrupted: You are using a QR-reader that tries to open the configurationfile in an internal browser instead of safari. Please use a different QR-reader, eg. i-nigma.

Manually set up VPN on iPhone and iPad

Open the settings app and tap the "General" and then the "VPN" button.
On an iPad tap the "Network" button, befor "VPN".

Now tap "Add VPN Configuration".

Select the following settings:

Typ: "IPSec"

Desciption: "VPN Uni Köln"


Account: Employee-/Student-Account

Password: individual Password

Use certificate: (Choose nothing)

Group name: uklan-full

Shared Secret: uklan

After connecting, a pop-up Message appears confirming a successfull VPN-connection. 

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk