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What can I borrow?

The multimedia service center provides cameras, microphones, tripods, photo cameras, (laptop-)sets for recording lectures, video conference systems etc. You will find a list of all available equipment here.


How do I borrow equipment?

Standard procedure for reservation is the following: You contact us with your reservation request (please use our contact form). After we have checked to make sure that the requested equipment is available, we will contact you and propose an appointed date as to when you can collect the equipment (see: How do I collect the equipment?). On this date you bring us a liability confirmation from your institute and then the equipment will be handed out to you. 


How do I make a correct reservation?

To avoid unnecessary mail traffic, please indicate in your request the following points: What do you want to borrow? Within what period of time (starting point and ending point)? Do you need component parts, for example tripods etc.? Please add a short description of your project. 


Who is allowed to use the equipment?

The RRZK Multimedia Service is available to all members of the university of Cologne, namely students, employees and instructors. However, the equipment may not be used for private purposes, but only for projects that take place within the framework of teaching and learning at the university. To ensure this, it is necessary to provide a liability confirmation from your institute.


For how long can I use the equipment?

The maximum length of time allowed for any equipment is one week. In exceptional cases an extension is possible, however only after prior consultation. It must be understood though, that in this case no further reservations are allowed for this specific period.


Should I book equipment early on?

Generally, yes. It is advisable to book early on because we only have a limited supply of cameras etc. on stock. Nevertheless, there is a possiblity that equipment can be made available on short notice. For requests or reservations please use our contact form.


Who is assumed liable for the equipment?

The respective institutes assume liability for borrowed equipment. Before equipment can be lent out, an assumption of liability must be confirmed by your institute.


How do I collect the equipment

All equipment can be collected at the Multimedia Office (Building 133, Weyertal 121, 50931 Köln). Please make an appointment with us beforehand.


Is a fee required?

No. For all members of the University no fee is required. However, please note that you must provide expendable parts such as batteries.


Who can explain how the equipment works?

In case you need consultation regarding usage scenarios or an introduction into equipment operation, please contact us in advance.


How can I continue processing the material I prepared.

You yourself must continue processing your contents. In case this is not possible, we can support some of your assignments, such as post production of your recordings. Unfortunately, for lack of time, we can´t offer to do elaborate jobs like editing/upgrading material. 

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