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Automated recording

In the equipped lecture halls (list see below) no additional hardware is required to record a (teaching) event. This eliminates the task of procuring devices for image and sound in these lecture halls, setting them up and having them operated by someone. The speakers do not have to make any additional effort on site compared to a (teaching) event without a recording. The use of a lecture hall microphone is still necessary!

Thus, classic face-to-face events or conference contributions and lecture series can be recorded. Very interactive events such as discussions are rather unsuitable use cases.

This service should not be a substitute for classroom teaching for students, but should be seen as a complementary added value. Experience has shown that the availability of lecture recordings does not lead to a significant change in the number of students present.

As a rule, the sound of the lecturers, the image of the projector (the slides / the visual parts of the lectures) and a camera image of the speakers are recorded. Of course, you can specify whether both or only the beamer image or the camera image should be recorded.

Automated records are only available to the respective teacher. This person decides on further processing and approvals within the framework of ILIAS, web projects or OER.

If you would like a recording of your course, please only fill out the application for recording a course (PDF, 99 kB). If it is a matter of recordings of a conference, conference, etc., which is to be made accessible not only via ILIAS, but also by other means (websites, YouTube, etc.), you must fill out the written declaration of consent linked here (PDF, 113 kB, german) for each lecturer for necessary legal reasons. Both completed application forms can also be sent to us by e-mail.

Instruction automated recording

How recordings can be planned in Opencast, we have summarized for you in a guide (PDF, 228 kB).


Where is this service available?

The following lecture halls have recording equipment installed (last updated on November 2022):

! Due to the ongoing technical alteration work until the coming semester, the functionality of the camera images can unfortunately not be guaranteed at the moment. !

Main Building

  • Gb. 100 - HS XIII *
  • Gb. 100 - HS II *
  • Gb. 100 - Aula 1 * , (no camera recording)
  • Gb. 100 - Aula 2 *

Lecture Hall Building

  • Gb. 105 - HA1 *
  • Gb. 105 - HA2 *
  • Gb. 105 - HB *
  • Gb. 105 - HC *

GeoBio Building

  • Gb. 310 - H GeoBio *

Physics Building

  • Gb. 321 - H1 *
  • Gb. 321 - H2 ² or *
  • Gb. 321 - H3 ² 

Chemistry Building

  • Gb. 322 - H I *
  • Gb. 322 - H II *
  • Gb. 322 - H III *

Faculty of human sciences

  • Gb. 213 - H 161 (currently offline) *
  • Gb. 216 - H 124 (with limitations) *

* Live-Streaming available (see live streaming)

² Blackboard camera with 4k resolution. Please contact us in advance via our contact form opencast.

If you would like to arrange a recording in another lecture hall or you need more information, please contact us via the contact form opencast.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk