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Live Streaming

In some of the lecture halls equipped with the automated lecture recording system, it is possible to provide lectures and events as live streams (see list below).

In the case of lectures, live streams can be made available via ILIAS and are usually scheduled by yourself. The instructions linked here (German) describe how to create dates and prepare them in ILIAS. Please also note the declaration of consent provided there.  

If you want to broadcast an event live to the public outside of lectures, you must make a prior application. The exact procedure is explained in more detail on the linked page 'Live streaming of events and special events'.

Where is this service available?

Livestreaming is possible in the following lecture halls (last updated on November 2022):

! Due to the ongoing technical alteration work until the coming semester, the functionality of the camera images can unfortunately not be guaranteed at the moment. !

Main Building

  • Gb. 100 - HS XIII
  • Gb. 100 - HS II 
  • Gb. 100 - Auditorium 1 (no camera recording)
  • Gb. 100 - Auditorium 2

Lecture Hall Building

  • Gb. 105 - HA1 
  • Gb. 105 - HA2 
  • Gb. 105 - HB 
  • Gb. 105 - HC 

GeoBio Building

  • Gb. 310 - H GeoBio

Physics Building

  • Gb. 321 - H1
  • Gb. 321 - H2

Chemistry Building

  • Gb. 322 - H1

Faculty of human sciences

  • Gb. 213 - H 161

If you would like to arrange a recording in another lecture hall or you need more information, please contact us via the contact form opencast.


If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk