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Information: New license period from 01.10.2023 *UPDATE*.

SPSS licenses are now available for purchase in the software store and can be ordered despite the ongoing disruption



IBM SPSS Statistics

Note on SPSS 29 - If you want to run SPSS 29 on macOS, you should definitely refrain from upgrading to macOS 14 (Sonoma). More information can be found here: . Presumably, only version SPSS 30 will be fully compatible with macOS 14 . If you are already working with macOS 14, an interim fix is available: - We do not recommend this combination for productive use!

Note on SPSS 28 - Under certain circumstances, SPSS client installations are potentially vulnerable via the Log4j vulnerability. The danger exists when using manipulated datasets, which were e.g. downloaded from the internet or received via email. It is possible that dangerous malicious code can be reloaded, compromising your system as well as other systems. IBM has since released interim fixes that address this flaw. More information can be found on the following page: https: // We STRONGLY recommend applying the fixes to your system. The current SPSS version 29 is no longer affected by the vulnerability. More information can be found in the section: Fix Packs and Bug Fixes.

IBM SPSS Statistics is a statistical system that covers essentially the entire statistical method spectrum. It consists of a basic module that enables basic data management and extensive statistical and graphical data analysis with the most common statistical methods, as well as numerous additional modules for special problems.

For further information, please refer to the IBM SPSS manufacturer's website.

Authorized users: Institutions, students

License type: rent

License duration: regardless of the order date, the licenses are always valid until September 30

Price: Students can use the SPSS license in the latest version free of charge. Institutions pay 30 Euro per license

Home Use: yes

Order: This software can be purchased through the Software Shop of the University of Cologne.

Note on the network license:

To use the network licenses, a connection to the university network UKLAN must be established (via VPN, eduroam or institute network).

For licensing, the option "concurrent users" must be selected in the "Product authorization" step during installation. And then the host name of the license server must be entered. The hostname will be sent to you automatically via email with the order confirmation.


The latest version and the three previous versions are available.

List of included SPSS modules and programs

Important: Please make sure that your computer meets the system requirements before purchasing.

Overview of the compatibility of different operating systems with the individual SPSS versions

Language: All versions are multilingual.

Extract from the terms of use:

  • The licenses are rental licenses that must be paid for annually.
  • Licenses for employees (except for the Faculty of Medicine) are automatically renewed for one year if they are not cancelled at least 30 days before the end of the license year. Licenses for students and for employees of the Faculty of Medicine are not automatically renewed.
  • After termination (cancellation) of the license, the software must be uninstalled at the end of the license year.
  • Members of the University of Cologne are entitled to use the software. The use by third parties is not permitted.
  • When using single-user licenses, you have the right to install the software on up to two devices per license, as long as only the authorized person uses the products and the different installations are not used simultaneously.
  • If the software is installed on a computer that is used by only one person, a home use right exists. You are therefore allowed to use the software on a private computer.
  • The right of use is limited to non-commercial research and teaching, commercial use is prohibited. Non-commercial work is defined as work in which (i) the results of the work are not primarily reserved for a third party; (ii) copies of the results are provided at a maximum of the provision, reproduction and shipping costs.
  • The framework agreement allows the use of older versions of the products (downgrading right). 
  • The right to upgrade (within the term of the contract), as well as the change of language, version or platform are part of the right of use.
  • Each license must be activated with an individual authorization code, which cannot be used afterwards. Since RRZK cannot check whether the code has been used, codes sold cannot be returned.
  • The contract with IBM is limited in time and will be extended or renewed for one contract period at a time, provided that an agreement can be reached between the contracting parties. License costs may change when the contract is renewed.

Please note that changes to your hardware, such as replacing the hard disk, may invalidate your license!


If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk