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Printing in the Arts and Humanities Building (Philosophikum)

In the Arts and Humanities Building (Philosophikum) RRZK computer room (to the left of the main entrance), you can print to the DiGiTEXX print stations. The print stations are visible diagonally opposite the computer room in the foyer near to the porter’s office.

For information about purchasing a copy card, visit the DiGiTEXX website: DiGiTEXX webseite.For problems relating to the print station, please contact DiGiTEXX. If you have any questions or problems printing, please contact the RRZK Helpdesk.

Instructions for printing to the printing station

Bild: Eingabe Identifikation und Passwort

1. Print your document(s) by selecting the “Drucker Philosophikum” printer.

2. Adjust the print settings according to your needs.

3. After the print job has been sent, a dialogue box will open. Enter an ID and password of your choice to print securely. You can then confirm the print job with OK.

Tip: To make it easier to remember the ID and password for your print job, use a number with several digits. The ID and password may be identical. It is much quicker to enter digits on the printer/copier keypad. Please make sure that these numbers cannot be guessed easily by a third party by trial and error. For example not 1234, 4711, 1111 etc.

Bild: Bedienfeld

4. Go to the printer and insert your DiGiTEXX copy card into the card reader.

5. Press the Box key.

Bild: Option "geschütztes Dokument" wählen

6. Touch the “Geschütztes Dokument BOX” button followed by “Verwendung/Datei” (lower right).

7. Enter your chosen ID, confirm with “OK” and then enter your chosen password and confirm with “OK” again. If the message “Fehler beim Authentifizieren“ appears, either your ID or password are incorrect or the print job has not been sent to print station.

Bild: Dokumenten auswahl

8. If you have entered the ID and password correctly, the document which you sent to the printer using the ID and password will be displayed.

Bild: Druckeinstellungen

9. After changing the print options if you need to, press the “Start” key on the lower right to start printing or touch the “Start” button on the display panel.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk