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Lecture Room Transmission

The RRZK offers support with the transmission of an event from one lecture room (event location) to another lecture room (transmission location). This can help to overcome bottlenecks in lecture room availability, especially during conferences and large events at the University of Cologne. 

During lecture room transmission the screen image (including sound) is transmitted into another room by means of the local network and there projected onto a screen with the help of a projector. The use of a HDV camera guarantees a high image resolution so that the slides projected on the screen are easily readable at the transmission location. It´s also always possible, during a panel discussion for example, to transmit the images from two cameras, which are then played back separately. 

As a matter of course, the transmission can be recorded and later made available on our servers as a Video On-Demand.


  • The lead time for events in the central lecture rooms of the university of Cologne (main-building, WiSo-building and Lecture-hall-building) averages at least two weeks and in all other buildings four weeks. 
  • Recording room and target room must have internet access. 
  • The target room must be adequately equipped with projector and screen.
  • A contact person must be available for the duration of the transmission as well as during the preparations and tests.

Voraussetzungen für Hörsaalübertragungen:

  • Die Veranstaltungen sollten in zentralen Hörsälen der Universität zu Köln (Hauptgebäude, WiSo- und Hörsaalgebäude) stattfinden.
  • Melden Sie die Veranstaltung mindestens 2 Wochen vorher bei uns an.
  • Aufnahme- beziehungsweise Übertragungsraum müssen über einen Internet-Zugang verfügen.
  • Der Übertragungsraum muss entsprechend mit Projektor, Leinwand und Lautsprechern ausgerüstet sein. Wenn auf die Aufnahme vom Internet zugegriffen wird, dann genügt ein Endgerät (Computer) mit Lautsprechern.
  • Für die Vorbereitungen und Tests müssen Sie eine Ansprechperson benennen.

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