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Personal websites of employees

Every employee of the University of Cologne can publish his or her personal website, as long as they have a uni-account. The offer is restricted to static HTML sites (and SSI) and does not supprt dynamic techniques like PHP, Perl, Python, MySQL or Typo3.
You can upload your website to the directory public_html which is a directory open to read for ecerybody in your Unix-Homedirectory (see Das Homedirectory - Benutzerverzeichnis). Websites that have been uploaded to this directory can be seen with the following URL (please consider the tilde-symbol and fill in the name of your account):

Following some important directions:


SSI/shtml, a server-side script language that is supported (see SHTML). It allows the integration of HTML codes with files. This can help you to create a coherent layout for your web appearance.

Locking of directories

You can lock your directories insofar as documents that are kept in the directory can only be read with a certain marks and passwords that are set up by the author. (see Zugriffsschutz).

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk