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Allocation of writing permission

To receive writing permission for our servers you need to have a valid employee or student account. In case you don't own an account yet, please apply for one:

Application for student or employee accounts

Typo3 or Wiki

If you need writing permission for a TYPO3 appearance or an access restricted Wiki, please talk to the respective administrator at your institute. If you don't know the administrator or he/she is not available, please contact the TYPO3-Master (for Typo3s) or the Webmaster (for Wikis).
Note: For a lot of TYPO3 appearences the person in charge is listed at the bottom of the website.

Static Web server and AFS-Web projects

If there is already some web space provided on the main or project server, you can administrate the access rights (writing permissions, deleting permissions) for this web space with the following web interface:

It is shown whether the writing permissions are administrated by the institute itself or who is the contact person. In most cases this is the representative of a faculty. Otherwise, please contact the webmaster of RRZK:

Contact form for webmaster

As the administrator of a web project you have the option to grant the web server writing permission for certain directories. This can be required with the use of content management systems or similar standard software.

More: Establish writing permission for the web server

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk