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Technical information for web projects

Direct editing in the dialog via SSH (Telnet-Substitute)

Direct editing in the dialog via SSH requires fundamental knowledge about the Unix/Linux operating system, especially content management. There are several free Unix tutorials available online.

To work directly in the web directory, one has to establish a safe connection to the RRZK server (with a student or employee account). Then you will be in your own unix-home-directory. An AFS-Token will be provided automatically. Then swith with cd to your "own" project directory (for example /vol/www/projekt/projektname/) to be able to work there.

Transfer via SCP or SFTP (FTP-substitute)

For transfering data from a local computer to the web directory or vice versa, you have to make sure that you have a safe connection with SCP or SFTP (e.g. WinSCP or Filezilla) to the RRZK-server (with your student or employee account)

More: Uploading websites

Available storage space

The person in charge of the project determines the storage space whith the application. Storage space larger than 200 MB requieres a special explanation. The storage space that is still available can be checked in a SSH-Dialog session


    fs lq                           


    Volume Name               Quota     Used      %Used     Partition       350000  300737       86%         74% 

The output reveals under Quota the total disk space, then the used space in KBytes which means for the example that 49263 KB (circa 50 MB) are left. If the available space is not sufficient please send an e-mail to the Webmaster. (in time!)

Conventions, especially for file names

File names are not allowed to contain any umlauts, no spaces, no ß or any other additional characters. Exceptions: full stop, minus and underscore.
Otherwise internet browsers won't be able to open the documents

More: Rules and Conventiions concerning HTML documents of the Cologne webserver

Backup of the data

The resided data of the user (e.g. HTML documents, pictures, PHP scripts, MySQL databanks) are backed up by the RRZK on a daily basis. In case you need the data to restore the backed up version, let the Webmaster know immediately. The backup will be overwritten after 24 hours. Even though there is a durable tape copy, it in will only be used in emergency situations and with considerable effort. .

An additional backup of the MySQL databank for web projects shouldn't be necessary but is possible.

More: Data export with  PHPMyAdmin

Path of Directories

New projects are always set in the central AFS file system of the RRZK and receive the path

Under /Projektname/ are the following directories set by default:

  • /http/docs/ for "normal" HTML documents, PHP scripts, pictures, etc.
  • /http/cgi/ for Perl- or Python scripts
  • /https/docs/ for "normal" HTML documents, PHP scripts, pictures etc., that require a safe transfer via SSL (encryption)
  • /https/cgi/ for Perl- or Python scripts, that require a safe transfer via SSL
  • /conf/ with the server configuration
  • /logs/ usually empty, if you need one, a static copy of your logfiles can be provided here

More : AFS-Andrew File System

Writing permissions for web server in projects

As the administrator of a project you have got the option to allow writing permissions for certain directories to the web server. This can be the case with the use of content management systems or similar software.

More: Writing permissions for web server in projects

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk