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Backup-System TSM

The Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) is a university-wide backup and archiving service provided by the RRZK. TSM can be used with all major operating systems (e.g. Windows, Solaris, Linux, MacOs).


Use the Versions of TSM software specified in the Installation Instructions of the TSM Client. Links to download the TSM client software are also provided there. The instructions can be found later on this page.

Registration (TSM login)

TSM usage in the home office

TSM can also be used in the home office. The pre-establishment of this is a VPN connection to the university's network.


Backing up or archiving?

With the TSM software, data can be backed up (backup) as well as archived (archives).

A backup saves backups of files or directories to the TSM server. These can be reloaded from the TSM server (restore) in the event of a data loss on the workstation. Each backup replaces the previous backup of a file with an up-to-date version. Directories are searched for new, modified, or deleted files and updated on the server accordingly. Bereits auf dem Server vorhandene Dateien werden dabei nicht sofort überschrieben, sondern verbleiben noch 30 weitere Tage in einem inaktiven Bereich. Dieses regelmäßige Sichern ist für Dateien geeignet, an denen im Augenblick gearbeitet wird, wie zum Beispiel Diplom- oder Doktorarbeiten.

TSM's archiving feature allows files to be stored on the server. Unlike the backup, archived files remain on the server, regardless of whether they continue to exist on the workstation or not. If you need an archived file again later, it is retrieved from the server. Archive data can no longer be managed or deleted manually. The archiving function is suitable for files that no longer need to be edited but have to be removed for a long period of time, for example, data that has already been evaluated as part of a diploma thesis.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk