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BSCW - Basic Support for Cooperative Work

Use BSCW (Basic Support for Cooperative Work) for your asynchronous collaboration in work groups. BSCW not only supports you as a central information repository for documents, but also helps you organize and coordinate your tasks.

Your benefits

  • You only need an internet connection and a browser
  • Can also be used on mobile devices
  • Collaboration with external people is possible

Features of BSCW

Shared management and editing: Through shared work areas, various objects, such as documents, tables, graphics, websites, or links, are accessible to all members of the work group. They can be used jointly and read, edited, and commented on according to authorization.

Version control: You can place documents under version control. This prevents documents edited by multiple members of the work group from being overwritten with older versions. This ensures that the latest version of the document is used for editing.

Notifications: BSCW records all updates in a work area. If you log in to the system again, you can view the latest changes.

Discussion forum: You can create a discussion forum that is only accessible to the work group. Here, comments and notes can be written about documents or general topics.

Shared calendar: BSCW offers a shared calendar for the work group. Here, you can enter dates that are automatically transferred to your personal calendars.

Member management: Manage the participants of your work group independently. The administrator can add or remove members. The system controls access to the work areas by asking for a username and password.



If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk