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The video clip gives a first impression of walking from the CAVE anteroom into the CAVE. As soon as the person is in the CAVE, the position is detected, i.e. one has the impression of walking ‘into’ a molecule. The stereoscopic view is switched off, as it is not usable when viewed on a normal screen.


The CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) is a room whose walls, floor and ceiling are projection surfaces that support stereoscopic projection. With stereo glasses, people in the CAVE have the impression of being in a three-dimensional computer-generated environment. In the CAVE, spatial structures and relationships can be perceived and better understood. This uses human abilities to move through complex spatial structures, to estimate distances and proportions and to assess changes over time. Scientific knowledge can thus be gained more efficiently. This can be used in all fields of science where spatial organization principles apply, e.g. molecular structures in chemistry, docking of active substances in the development of medications, formation of planetary systems in astrophysics, flow processes in nature and technology, interactions in brain structures or the reconstruction of buildings at excavation sites.

Technical details

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