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eduroam wifi access with android

We recommend to configure eduroam when you are in range of the network since the correct configuration may not be validated in other cases (e.g. at home).
Please note, that an active network connection is required for the configuration. You may use the "Welcome@University of Cologne"-Network if you have no mobile data plan or don't want to use it.

The following steps are exemplary for Android 9. Since many android devices are customized by the manufacturer, you might notice slight differences but the general procedure should be the same.

First, you should check if there is any old eduroam configuration on your device. If you never configured eduroam on your device, you may ignore this step.

Remove old eduroam configuration (if there is any)

  1. Open your settings and navigate to the list of available wifi networks
  2. If you have any saved settings for eduroam, remove them.
  3. You may also check Saved networks if there is any old entry of eduroam

Configure eduroam via SecureW2

Download the SecureW2 JoinNow from Play Store.

Please note, that the app needs to stay on your device even after finishing the configuration since the configuration will be removed on the device with uninstalling the app.

  1. Start Play Store, install the SecureW2 JoinNow app on your device (Link: and start it.

2. Select Seach and Setup New Network

3. Enter as Domain and continue

4. Choose if the app may store the displayed data for troobleshooting or not.

5. If you are using Android 10 you will be prompted to grant permission for location services, otherwise the app is not able to connect you to eduroam upon finishing the configuration. If you choose to deny this, the app may still configure your device properly, but the first connection attempt will need to be triggered by you via the wifi list in your settings app. In Android 10 the permission for an app to connect you to a wifi network is bounded to the permission for location services. The app will not store your location at any time.

6. Enter the credentials of your student- or employee-account and continue

7. Upon finishing the setup and connecting you to the network the app give you a success notification

8. After clicking Next you get additional advises, you might be interested in. eduroam has been set up successful.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk