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New functions [August 21, 2019]

With the introduction of sciebo version 10.2.1 in mid-August 2019, sciebo will be available to you with several new functions:

  • Automatic addition of shares: Now you can define whether you want to add shares to your account automatically or only after manual confirmation. You can now set shares from your own university as well as from other participating universities or other ownCloud servers separately. You can adjust this via the sciebo web interface by clicking on the account name (top right) and selecting "Einstellungen" under the menu item "Teilen".
  • Groups: If you want to share data with the same persons or sciebo accounts, you previously had to re-enter the respective sciebo accounts each time they were released. From now on you can combine the persons and sciebo accounts into groups. On the sciebo web interface you can now manage this by clicking on the account name (top right) and selecting "Settings" under the menu item "User-defined group". There you can create and change groups, and you can also see in which and whose groups you are a member.

Functions available since November 2016 in short form:

  • Comments: You can add comments to all files and folders, each of which represents a specific authorship. If several people have access to a file or a folder, you get a clear representation of the different comments.
  • Transparent sharing: From now on you can view the shares of your files/folders under "Sharing". This means that you can see all the people with whom you and others have shared your data. Until now, you were only shown those with whom you shared the data independently (directly). If, however, you had assigned the right "can share" to other persons when releasing the data, you could not view the releases made by others.

Expansion of storage space from 30 to 500 GB (employees only)

To increase your storage space from 30 to 500 GB, click on the account name (top right) and on "Settings" on the sciebo web interface after logging in. Under "Increase volume" you can make the extension.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk