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New functions

  • Auto Completion: If you want to share a file or folder with another sciebo user, you have previously had to know or write out the full sciebo account name. Now it's enough to type in at least four letters of the last name or account name. You will then receive search results that match your input. The auto-completion or comparison with account names is not only limited to the University of Cologne, but also applies to all participating universities at sciebo. 
    If you do not want to be found by others by this search, you can adjust this by clicking on the account name (top right) and selecting "Settings" under the menu item "Share" (see "Allow auto-completion of user names in the share dialog. [...]").
  • Automatic add of shares: You can now set up your own whether you want to automatically add shares to your account or only by manually confirming them. You can now set shares separately from your own university, participating universities, or other ownCloud servers. You can adjust this by clicking on the account name (top right) and selecting "Settings" under the "Share" menu item.
  • Groups: If you want to share data with the same people or sciebo accounts, you always had to re-enter the respective sciebo accounts when you shared them. From now on, you can group the people and sciebo accounts into groups. However, this is currently only possible with sciebo accounts of the University of Cologne. On the sciebo web interface, you can manage this by clicking on the account name (top right) and selecting "Settings" under the "Custom Group" menu item. There you can create and change groups, in addition you can also see in which and whose groups you are a member. The groups can be selected by typing the given name during the release process ("user and groups").
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  • Comments: You can add comments to all files and folders, each of which reflects an authorship. If more than one person has access to a file or folder, you will get a clear presentation of the various comments.
  • Transparent Sharing: From now on, you can view the shares of your files/folders under "Sharing". This means that you will see all the people you and others have shared your data with. So far, you have only been shown those with whom you shared the data independently (directly). However, if you had given other people the "share" right when sharing the data, you could not see shares made by others.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk