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Changes in 2nd-Level-Support of the RRZK since March 1st 2020

Opening hours

The 2nd-Level-Support (also known as "Beratung") of the RRZK doesn't offer fixed opening hours anymore. Users are requested to send their issues via e-mail (respectively contact form) to the ticket system of the helpdesk. Alternatively individual appointments can be agreed via phone or e-mail, this also applies to remote consulting.

Offered services

From now on the 2nd-Level-Support only offers support directly related to the services of the RRZK. This is for example e-mail, vpn, wi-fi, SoFS, Sciebo and accounts. If your account has been locked due to virus or phishing attack, the 2nd-Level-Support will still support you by analyzing and removing the problems on/from your device. However, excluded from support is general consulting for hardware or software issues (including MS Office) as well as installation and updates of the operating system.


If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk