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Software development for Windows

Microsoft provides you access to software tools, learning content and documentation to develop software to develop software on your own. There are two areas for software development for Windows: desktop applications and apps for Windows.

You can develop Windows applications using Visual Studio which is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Visual Studio is currently available in various editions from the free entry-level Express version to the paid Professional, Premium and Ultimate versions.

Learning materials and online training

To get started in app and desktop development for Windows, Microsoft provides learning materials and online training. These are available free of charge in the Microsoft Virtual Academy.

Access to the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store

Apps for Windows and Windows Phone are distributed and sold through the appropriate store. If you want to sell your applications or offer them free of charge in either store, you will need access as a developer. This is free of charge for all students. 

Learn more about creating a Windows Store Developer Account.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk