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Regulations for publishing web sites at the RRZK


Publishing websites is free of charge for facilities of the University of Cologne. Facilities include 

  • institutes, 
  • seminars, 
  • bodies, 
  • commissions, 
  • administrative bodies,
  • other facilities named in the course catalog 
  • student associations
  • student organizations (information about the matriculation register of student organizations can be obtained from Frau Macri (tel. (0221) 470-6550), Department 11 of the University administration)

It is not necessary to submit a formal application. It is sufficient to have a valid account at the University of Cologne. The RRZK or the prevailing Web Commissary will then install your website on the webserver. 

Information Obligation

All organisational and techincal modifications by the RRZK will be published either on the internet or an e-mail is send to the people concerned. According to §4 section 2 of the user regulations, users are obliged to inform themselves on a regular basis. Important sources for information are:

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk