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Regulations for web projects

Web projects are subject to the following rules: 

  1. Make sure that you always name a deputy for technical and for managerial matters to the RRZK. Please inform the RRZK  web masters if any changes occur regarding these responsibilities. 
  2. Projects with individual user administration allow you to assign autonomously admin accounts. Please make sure that you always name a full name and a functioning e-mail address. Admin accounts that do not meet these requirements will be disabled. If we are not able to contact a person with administrator rights, the project will be disabled. Please inform newly assigned administrators about these regulations. 
  3. If you use software from a third-party source (for example Joomla, phpBB), you have the obligation to install independently the latest security update. In the case of TYPO3-projects, this rule applies furthermore to installed extensions.
  4. Therefore, check at least every 4 weeks if any security updates are available for the software in use. We recommend the subscription to corresponding mailing lists. 
  5. Scripts must not impair intentionally or gross negligently other projects. 
  6. The RRZK cannot fully guarantee that the stored data is protected from unauthorized access. (This would require a separate server for exclusive use.) 
  7. Please encode passwords when stored in databanks. If available, use encryptions with so-called Salt. Simple MD5-encoding without Salt can be hacked easily.
  8. Write permission on the web servers is only adjusted selectively for AFS-projects. 
  9. The RRZK is not liable for programming errors of persons involved in the project.
  10. The provided scope of a project must only be used for the purposes of the respective facility. Content of private nature is not permitted. 
  11. Make sure that you comply with copyright and other regulations regarding the provided contents.
  12. It is prohibited to circumvent security measures installed by the RRZK. If you find a security breach, inform the RRZK immediately. Taking advantage of a loophole (even for test purposes) can result in the immediate deactivation of the project and/or the account. 

The RRZK reserves the right to remove the project at least temporary from the network in case of non-compliance. 

The confirmation code for requesting a web project is: IhdRgusszB

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk