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Operating rules for publications on the RRZK web servers

As the operator of web servers, the RRZK is responsible for securing its servers and preventing misuse. Hence, permisson to publish on the web servers of the RRZK is granted exclusively to registered users with a university account. Users are required to comply with the regulations of the RRZK.

Beyond legal requirements, users are required to follow the generally recognized code of conduct. 

Content of publications

Publications on the RRZK's web servers serve the internal and external dissemination of information related to academic teaching, research and administrative matters.

Hence, publications of private nature are only permitted if their content is linked to matters of the university (studies, teaching, research, institutions). Publications for commercial purposes are inadmissible.

Within the context of research transfer and support of public facilities, the RRZK can permit publications of cooperating institutions. 

Lawfulness and liability

Published content is subject to national and international legislation, such as

  • penal laws,
  • copyright laws,
  • competition laws,
  • terms of privacy policies.

The initiator of publications is primarily responsible and liable for the published content. 

Consequences of disregard

Publications which violate the rules mentioned above can be deleted by the RRZK without further notice. Furthermore, the RRZK reserves the right to ban the users repsonsible from any further usage and, if necessary, claim compensation and/or recourse.

Announcement of regulations

These regulations, as well as further regulations, will be posted at the RRZK and published on the Internet.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk