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2. Set up the root certificate

In order for your personal certificate to be trusted by Adobe, you must first import the root certificate from which your personal certificate is derived. The DFN-Verein, which issues your certificate, is itself certified by Deutsche Telekom.

To make it more comfortable for you to import the root certificate, you will find a .fdf file here:

1. Download the .fdf-file (RootCertificate-UoC.fdf)

2. Execute it with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.

3. Click on 'Set Contact Trust...' in the window that opens [Picture 1].

4. Please tick the following items and confirm your selection with 'OK' [Picture 2].

  • 'Use this certificate as trusted root'
  • 'Certified documents'

5. Confirm the appearing message with 'OK' [Picture 3].

6. Repeat the previous two steps for all three certificates and finally click 'Import'.

7. Within Adobe Reader or Acrobat, navigate to Edit > Preferences and then select the 'Signatures' category. Under 'Identities & Trusted Certificates', click 'More...' [Picture 1].

8. Select 'Trusted Certificates' and find the entry "USERTrust RSA Certification Authority". Select it and click on the pencil icon (Edit Trust) [Picture 2].

9. Select the 'Policy Restrictions' tab and remove the text in the 'Certificate Policies' field. Confirm the change by clicking 'OK' [Picture 3].

10. Close the 'Digital ID and Trusted Certificate Settings' window.

11. Select the 'Trust Manager' category and uncheck 'Load trusted certificates from an Adobe AATL server'. Confirm the change by clicking 'OK' [Picture 4].

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