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Sign documents by using electronic devices

For certain documents or applications a signature of the applicant and further persons is mandatory. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and homeoffice, applicants are allowed to sign documents electronically by using e.g. the touchscreen of a tablet computer unless another form of a signature is explicitly requested by us.

Recommendation: XODO

XODO provides a web app, which assists you in signing PDFs or text-documents.

1. Open the web app with your browser:
2. Locate the document on your device ('Local File') or drag & drop it in the displayed field [Picture 1].
3. Choose the 'signature'-option and choose the right spot where the signature shall be inserted [Picture 2].
4. Sign by using the touchscreen or a mouse and confirm your signature [Picture 3].
5. Save the document by using the 'Save'-button [Picture 4].

The future-proof way: Certificate-based electronic signature

The acceptance of the procedure above is only temporary. You may also use the more future-proof certificate-based signature. This certificate needs to be issued by a trusted authority, e.g. by our certificate authority. Learn how to get a certificate and how to use it to sign PDFs. In the future, most applications and forms will also be accepted when signed with a certificate.


Futher information is availabe as part of the eIDAS-regulation (Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services).

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk