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Introduction of Smartsieve

With the web interface Smartsieve it is possible to move, reject or delete e-mails in the web mailbox automatically.

Create new rules

New rules are created via the tab "New Filter Rule". At the top right next to "Script" you can select the filter collection in which the filter rule is saved. Under "Conditions" you select conditions, when an automated action of an e-mail should take place. It is both possible to set that all conditions that are entered must be true or at least one condition must be fulfilled for an action to take place.

In "Actions" you can select what is to happen to the e-mail. The e-mail can now be moved to another folder, forwarded, rejected or deleted. In addition, further settings can be applied via the checkboxes.

To apply the rule, confirm your settings with "Save changes".

In the example below, all incoming e-mails with the subject "Request in RRZK" are moved to the folder Test/Test2.

Filter collections

Filter rules can be combined in different scripts, which can be organised with the tab "Manage Rule sets". Entire collections can be deactivated, activated or deleted so that not every single rule has to be edited. A maximum of 5 filter collections can be created, each filter collection can combine any number of filter rules. However, only one filter collection can be active.

Organising rules of a filter collection

With "Show all rules", you can deactivate, activate or delete rules of a filter collection. Furthermore, the order of the rules can be determined here.

Useful links and further help

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk