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Organisational information for web projects


Every contributor of a web site or a web project has to have a student or employeel account.

Important: The account can only be used by the owner and cannot be shared with "supporting staff"!

Every user of the university network UKLAN needs his or her own account.

More: Benutzer-Accounts des RRZK (user accounts of the RRZK)


To set up a web project we need you to hand in an application:

Antragsformular für Webprojekte (application form for web projects)

Writing permissions for other people

Poeple that are listed in the application form will receive writing permission for the directory. If one person was labeled as administrator, he or she can grant writing permission for further people.

In case there is no administrator for a web project, you can send an e-mail to the webmaster or send another application form via mail to the RRZK to request further writing permissions for members of the institute.


Domain name

The name of the project is automatically part of your web address (URL), which will be used to find and visit the web site. So please be considerate and choose a memorable name for the project.


For choosing a domain name please regard the following advice:

  • The name should not be too long to reduce the possibility of misspellings and the effort of typing in the web address.
  • It should be avoided: Personal names, for example "Schmitz", for setting up a work group because the name of the web address would change as well in case of a crew change.
  • Not reliable are: Generic names that could be used by other institutions, for example "statistics", "information processing", or "recension". Those names are reserved for the web sites of the corresponding institutes.

Rules for web projects

One project may not interfere with the functionality of other web projects. In case of any violation of the RRZK's rules and regulations, we reserve the right to withdraw the project from the internet - at least temporary.

More: Information for web projects

Mailing lists

The person in charge of the web project will be automatically added to the mailing list "RRZK-WEBPROJEKTE". The RRZK uses this mailing list to inform about new regulations or changes.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk