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HPC account

The RRZK also provides services for scientific high performance computing (HPC). Researchers from NRW can use HPC to run simulations of complex problems.

HPC systems are capable of running highly complex computing applications. Regular workstations cannot process such computing-intensive tasks as they have limited resources or they would be unable to compute results in a reasonable time frame. As an example, HPC is capable of running scientific applications which are specially optimized for efficiency and parallel instruction on currently over 9000 processors. Research fields which use HPC include chemistry, biology, life science, meteorology, physics and economics.

An employee, student or guest account is required before applying for a HPC account.

Please send a scan of the completed form via email to first!
HPC application
(PDF, 256 kb)

Please send the application via internal post or hand it in personally to your RRZK contact person.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk