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Application for a new mailing list


The RRZK works with a list server on the central mail server where we can set up new mailing lists if they are required. It is required that the applicant (and future list administrator) is a member of the university and has an s-mail or uni-mail account. 

Furthermore, the list should show a clear connection to the university, its institutions, research, or teachings. This includes, of course, lists discussing the interests of students (the applicant should have an smail account).

The name of the new list has to be chosen according to the conventions: 

  • A short but clear name that consists of at least two parts which are seperated by a hyphen.
  • The first part should be in form of an abbreviation with respect to the overriding institution.
  • The second part should contain a more specific indication.

Types of mailing lists

Depending on the intended use we will set up your requested mailing lists with a standard configuration that is sufficient in most cases. All configurations can be changed again after the set up of the miailing list.

Please choose the appropriate application form for your purpose. Every list can have only one purpose. If you need more than one list, you need to hand in several application. Every application needs to contain one individual list name!

Contact address form

You need an e-mail address with which an institute, a project, or similar institutions can be reached. The mail will be send to one or several persons.

Newsletter form

You want to send information and news to interested people on a regular basis.

Form for discussion lists

You need a "real" mailing list where all recipients of the list can discuss a certain topic (possibly under the surpervision of a  moderator).

Deleting a list

Lists can only be deleted by RRZK admins. Please write a message to if you want to have a list deleted. Please note that this request must com from an admin for the list.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk