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Functionality of Redmine

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  • Screenshot: Gantt-Diagramm als Beispiel Enlarged view:
    Automatically generated overview of tasks and dependencies in Redmine (Arrows).
  • Screenshot: Beispiel für das Erstellen eines Tickets Enlarged view:
    Creating a task in Redmine. The text can be formatted using "Textile" formatting. The "Parent task" field shows how Redmine automatically suggests possible parent tasks based on the entered text. This suggestion can be accepted by clicking on it.
  • Screenshot: Ansicht des im vorherigen Beispiel erstellten Tickets Enlarged view:
    This is how the ticket appears when all the information has been entered as shown in the previous image.
  • Screenshot: Beispiel für das Erstellen einer Beziehung zwischen zwei Tickets Enlarged view:
    Tasks (in the form of tickets) can be linked to each other not only when they are created, but also later on.
  • Screenshot: Beispiel, das den dokumentierten Fortschritt einer Aufgabe zeigt. Enlarged view:
    If a task has subtasks, its progress is automatically calculated based on the progress of the subtasks, as shown in the picture.

Using the screen shots of Redmine shown here, you can get a first overview of the functions of Redmine. Here, only some of the basic functions of project management with Redmine are shown, without going into specialties such as the link between tickets and wikipages or the integration of the version control system.

For further information on Redmine, please also visit these websites:

  • Redmine Book
    Description of Redmine from the perspective of the user. Highly recommended for getting started. (Unfortunately only available as an archive version on the web, otherwise as a paid eBook.)
  • Redmine Demo Installation
    Here you can try out the Redmine system in an official installation of the Redmine project without fear of breaking anything. Since the server is publicly accessible and data can be deleted at any time, you should actually only use this service for trivial tests to familiarize yourself with the system in general. Redmine
  • FAQs on the project website
    This website, which is more technically oriented, is aimed at advanced Redmine users.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk