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A Wiki is a collection of online texts that can be created on any subject. The special thing about a Wiki is that it is based on an open authoring system: the contents can be edited by various users at any time and directly in the browser. A Wiki can bring together the knowledge of various users and make it available to others.

Wikis at the University of Cologne

The RRZK offers its own Wiki installation to all recognized institutions at the University of Cologne.

This is based on the open source software DokuWiki (prior to 2017, it was based on MediaWiki).


[This content is not available in "Englisch" yet] Sollten sich Fragen zur Benutzung eines Wikis ergeben, konsultieren Sie bitte zuerst das Handbuch.

Wiki for special requests

For customization, there are usually a whole range of optional extensions around a Wiki software.

However, extensions require system-level intervention in the Wiki. Special requests usually cannot be taken into account. If you have very specific requirements and cannot do without optional extensions in your Wiki, we recommend that you apply for a web project at the RRZK, within which you can then install and administer your own Wiki.

Information on RRZK web projects

Application form

Please use the application form to request your own, RRZK-administered Wiki:

Wiki application form

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk