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The RRZK provides Rocket.Chat as a University-wide service for all employees with an employee account.

Rocket.Chat is a chat platform via which individuals and teams can exchange messages.

The server runs on the UoC’s local infrastructure (not in the cloud or abroad). Its operation has been approved both by the Data Protection Officer and the staff councils.

Functions and application scenarios

  • Substitute for face-to-face communication
  • Chat and exchange possible with all registered university employees
  • Own, separate channels (e.g. for institutes, working groups, departments, etc.)
  • Exchange of messages, files, images, voice messages and short video calls
  • Browser app, desktop client (Windows, Mac, Linux) and mobile App (Android, iOS) Hint: For Windows, download the MSI- or EXE-file, for macOS use the DMG-file. For Android or iOS visit the Play Store or App Store!

Server login

  • Enter the URL in your browser
  • Log in with your employee account. Login example: mmuster2
    Note: Log in with your username without, no university administration accounts (…, no University Hospital accounts (…, no Student accounts (!
  • Then use Rocket.Chat in your browser desktop client  or mobile app.
  • We strongly recommend using a client or the mobile app!

Information about employee accounts

As a rule, a employee account is set up for each employee when he/she starts work and details are sent to him/her. If you experience problems or have any difficulties with your account, please contact:

Client configuration

  • Once you have installed the client, only two steps are necessary:
  • Enter the URL in the client and click on "Connect"und klicken Sie auf "Connect"
  • Then log in with your employee account and password.
  • This will take you to the regular user interface.

Rocket.Chat interface and user presence status

All users are automatically in the #general channel.

From time to time, general information on Rocket.Chat, such as maintenance work and software updates, is announced here. Please do not use this channel for your own messages!

The user interface is divided into two fields.

  • On the left-hand side in the dark-coloured box, you can find the channels and private conversations.
  • Actual communication takes place in the box on the right, which has a light-coloured background.

User presence status

By clicking in the top left-hand corner (the first letter of your account), you can set your online status and access the personal settings for your account.

Under "My Account" you can configure alerts and sounds.

If necessary, you can also log out there.

Start conversation

  • To start a new private conversation, use the magnifier icon in the top bar to find the person concerned.
  • By clicking on the person’s name, the new conversation appears in the right-hand box.
  • Please also note our Tipps und Tricks on using Rocket.Chat.

Video chats and file uploads

Within the message, you can select various options via the context menu in the top right-hand corner.

  • Particularly interesting here is the video chat function, where you can set up a video call via (an open source video platform). Video chats on Rocket.Chat therefore DO NOT take place via our local servers but via Jitsi servers.
  • Rocket.Chat is suitable for short video chats and small groups but not, however, for conferences, teaching or large groups. Please preserve our servers’ capacity so that everyone can use this function reliably.
  • You can also record and send audio messages via the microphone icon.
  • Emojis and specially marked text (bold, italic, code, strike, etc.) are also possible.
  • Video messages (like voice messages) and file uploads are also possible. You can record or upload these by clicking on the "+" icon next to the text input box. You can also use "drag & drop" to send images and files.
  • Note: Please do not use this function for large-scale or regular file transfer! The RRZK provides other tools for this, e.g. sciebo, GigaMove or SoFS.

Create channels

You can create channels for your team for the purpose of internal communication and invite team members to join.

Please only create private channels!

Channels in which only specific users can post messages are also possible. These can be used, for example, to share information. The other users then have just read-only access.

Mobile configuration (Android & iOS)

Mobile configuration for Android and iOS devices is almost identical.

  • Download the free Rocket.Chat app from Play Store or App Store.
  • Open the app and select "Connect to a server".
  • Enter as the server address and click on "Connect"
  • The registration form will appear. Please enter your employee account (without!) and your password, click on "Register".

Information for all users in Administration

Please ensure that you use alocal browser (or alternatively the desktop or mobile app) to use Rocket.Chat and not the browser on a Citrix server.

Browser sessions on Citrix servers otherwise use up too many resources and Administration IT reserves the right in cases of doubt to terminate sessions without further ado in order to safeguard stability. Rocket.Chat does not require a Citrix connection but instead can be used with local programs. Please switch to this type of use immediately if you have not already done so.

Our colleagues Marlene Thomas and Christine Jakovlev in University Administration have also written a manual that you can download here as a PDF.

Rocket Chat manual (german)
(PDF, 0.91 mb)

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk