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Guest accounts

[Only for employees]

Guests can access a restricted range of features in sciebo with a guest account.

This has several benefits compared with sending a link to an external person (including the permission to upload files):

  • Guests can use the sciebo client to keep files synchronized with their end devices.
  • Guests can manage different shares in one account.
  • Existing rights can be modified (by adding or removing them). In the share view of a file or folder, the guest account which has accessed the file can be shown explicitly.

Using guest accounts

  • All employees of the University of Cologne with an employee account who have registered can act as a sponsor and create guest accounts for an external person.
  • Sponsors can send invitations and manage guest accounts via my.sciebo. Guest accounts can be created under “Gäste einladen” and details of existing guest accounts can be managed under "Gäste verwalten”
  • To create a guest account you will need to provide the guest’s first and last name as well as a valid e-mail address (which will be used later as the sciebo username) 
    Important: The e-mail address cannot be from the same domain as the participating institution, for example a guest ID including is not permitted.
  • After sending the invitation, the user and the guest both receive an e-mail confirmation. The guest will receive two e-mails: The first e-mail contains the guest ID and the second e-mail contains a temporary password which is valid for 36 hours. The guest must set a new password within this period via If the guest fails to change the password, the sponsor can send the guest a new temporary password by clicking “Passwort setzen” in my.sciebo under "Gäste verwalten”.
  • After a new password has been set the guest ID can be used to login via the web interface (only under or via the client.
  • Guest accounts are not allocated storage space. Guest accounts are only intended for guests to access shared folders. If the guest is given editing rights to a folder, they can also upload files into the folder. This uses storage volume from the sponsor’s account or the project box.
  • Guest accounts are valid for 12 months. Sponsors can renew guest accounts by 12 months at any time via "Gäste verwalten" -> Gast verlängern" in my.sciebo. To transfer a guest to another sponsor, the new sponsor must send the guest a new invitiation to create a new guest ID. 

Sharing files with guest users

  • As guest accounts do not have their own storage space, files and folders must be shared with them. 
  • Sharing a folder/file is done under "Share" by entering the guest ID (i.e. the e-mail address) and in addition "", for example:  ‘'.
  • If the guest ID is entered correctly, the guest will be recognized by the system and indicated as “Entfernte Freigabe”. This entry can be selected to share files or folders with.
  • Basic information on sharing can be found in the sciebo Help Centre.

Limitations of guest accounts

  • Guests do not have their own storage volume (0 byte quota).
  • Guests cannot share files or folders
  • Guests cannot access my.sciebo. If a guest has forgotten their password, their sponsor can reset the password in my.sciebo via "Gäste verwalten" -> "Passwort setzen". The guest is then sent an e-mail confirmation and must change their password within 36 hours.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk